Academy Street Productions (ASP) a full service production company that provides everything you need for your event whether large or small.  Do you need to rent a small lighting or sound system?  Do you need audio, lighting and video production services for a concert or corporate event?  Look no further.  From leading corporations to street festivals, ASP has provided world-class design and technical support services for a variety of events.

     Outdoor tenting and staging design is another ASP specialty.  Each outdoor venue has a unique set of requirements.  The following is a brief list of services ASP can provide for festivals: Sound systems, lighting systems, back line, risers, productions management, AC power distribution, Stage design, trucking and transport.  Also, theatre sound production, public address sound rentals, audio & visual rentals.

     ASP offers a range of services that meet the demands of corporate presenters, production managers, hotel managers, non-profit organizations, and the general public.  From design to execution, from pre-production to dress rehearsals, to do-it-yourself over the counter rentals, ASP is a resource for the event industry.

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